Nike Ambassador 8 20210907

The workmanship of Nike is not good. The store is not bad. It’s a little small. It’s wearing a little pressure. It’s just that when you try on the shoes, it’s stepped down. The seller won’t change it. You must buy a bigger one when you buy the shoes. Besides, the shoes are airtight and stuffy. If you want to buy them for summer wear, consider it. There is no actual combat.

I haven’t written anything for a long time. To be reasonable, this pair of envoys was dismantled by me last winter, but I was lazy and didn’t want to write, and many activities of Tiger flutter didn’t attend. I have been fattening up at home since I went ashore. Fortunately, I didn’t succeed in fattening my face. I was told that my face has become sharp. I don’t know what kind of existence I am. All right… < A= " target="_ Blank "> View Details

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