Puma Suede Classic 20210810

The shoes are great. I really like the red shoes. They are very comfortable. It’s just that the tongue of the shoes is a little bit worn. I’d like to wear a longer sock, but on the whole it’s great.

The color of the shoes is serious. The white edges are dyed red. I contacted the store and said nonsense. Anyway, I didn’t admit it. The air permeability is not good. I dare not buy shoes online. It’s really better to go to the physical store to buy shoes. It’s too fake!

I’m not very satisfied with the price of 320.66 yuan. I don’t think it’s as good as the quality of the store. The shape of the upper is also different. The most important thing is that they are all 40.5 yards. The shoes bought on the official website are of different sizes. Puma customer service is also hard enough. It seems that the consumer is wrong when discussing the solution. I feel that the official store is dealing with class B products, with class a labels. Hope to make further efforts!

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