Nike Kyrie 7 PE 20210807

With half size Irving New full Seven generation signature boots, Nike Nike Kyrie 7 PE Irvine 7 generation indoor rest Leisure Moving middle top basketball Goods shoes Size cq9327-02! Code: 6172046

Size recommended size I think it’s just right for comfort It’s not so comfortable. I don’t know if it’s because of the new shoes. It’s not the sole. It’s on the left side of the inner tongue. The child said that it’s very uncomfortable to wear the shoes because they’ve worn them once. They say that they can’t be returned, but they can try them out after wearing them. They don’t like this. They wait a week for the goods to arrive I was a little angry. I took it away before I could wear it at the beginning of school. As a result, when I came back a week later, I said that I was not comfortable, and I couldn’t return it. The material of the sole was a little hard, and the material of the upper was a little hard. The child didn’t wear it when he felt uncomfortable once. The style is my favorite style. It’s very nice

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