Nike Air Max Sequent 3 20210805

Genuine. A little bit of pressing on the right heel is not good. It can be accepted. It conforms to the hook’s consistent workmanship. The size is just right. There is a slight pressure on the instep. I didn’t buy more than half of the size. I suggest that people with high instep and wide sole should buy more than half of the size. The air cushion is medium and hard, and it is suitable to run the street with great body weight. The light weight one can play in the gym, which is absolutely cost-effective. Good comments.

The comfort is highly praised to the store owner, but the comfort of this shoe is very poor. The common problem of this shoe is that the design has problems. I am not a high instep person myself, but this shoe will make me doubt my life. I only take this pair of shoes when I go out for a trip, and my foot will break soon. It will be better to take out the insole. The recommended size is normal. The sole material is very comfortable, but the sole is small and the center of gravity is slightly higher. It is easy to sprain. You should be careful when you run

Nike Air Max Sequent 3

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